Monday, 12 November 2012

The repeated promise of silence

"The repeated promise of silence" 2012
Transparent oils, charcoal & gesso

My heart is deceitful above all things.

"My heart is deceitful above all things" 2012
Transparent oils, charcoal & gesso - wooden frame.

Beyond the Wychlem

"Beyond the Wychlem" 2012
Transparent oils, charcoal, gesso - framed; exhibited Chapel Gallery

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Welcome to the Emporium

Paula & Jane's Emporium of Curious Objects

Preview 4th October 7:00 - 9:00pm.
In their installation Paula and Jane's Emporium of Curious Objects artists Jane Fairhurst and Paula Fenwick celebrate the seemingly arbitrary nature of the collections of objects found in cabinets of curiousities of the eras of the Renaissance and Enlightenment.
Both avid collectors of stuff, Fenwick and Fairhurst want to share something
of their collections and their artwork.

Like a museum of curiosities or an old fashioned shop, their Emporium of Curious Objects will be a sourse of wonderment for all ages; a mix of the fascinating and the curious, the strange and the uncanncy, the real and the imagined, the freaky and the downright funny.
Jane Fairhurst and Paula Fenwick, having found common ground in their fascination for collecting, have joined forces to create a 'cabinet of curiousities for the 21st Century', which like the cabinets of old include the genuine alongside the illusionary.

As curators of the exhibition Fairhurst and Fenwick have invited artists including;
  • Kat Button
  • Stephen Cunliffe
  • Carys Ann Hughes
  • Vikki Hughes and Tabitha Kyoto Moses
  • Steven Heaton
  • Anna F.C. Smith and Neil Warburton
to show work alongside their installation at the
Cross Street Gallery in Standish.

Exhibition opens Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays from
12:00 - 4:00pm or by appointment.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy not updating this blog!

I realise I haven't been updating here very much, I have however been busy
working in the studio making a right old mess!

..and some new work as well.. which I may even get around to posting.. soon..

Some of my work can currently be seen at The Chapel Gallery along with other
artists from the Cross Street Arts Studio

More soon (ish)..

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Flying by the seat of your pants - Kat Button

“Flying by the seat of your pants” previewed & christened the newly established ‘Cross Street Gallery” in Standish on June 16th to a delighted crowd of art lovers from far & wide.

You first enter the gallery space to a stark, almost coral like sculpted piece, white against white, the various surfaces of the work emphasising the depth & variation in texture inviting you to look deeper and longer, before pulling yourself away to venture further into the exhibition..

Kat Button’s organically rich & intricately detailed sculptures, which she terms ‘nests’ hang from the ceiling in an explosion of bright vivid colours & tactile fabrics against the stark white gallery walls, and you feel yourself completely immersed in an alien world, albeit one in which you are more than happy to linger and explore..

 In the corner a photograph of a sunken trolley, lost in a barnacled abandonment, it is then realised & brought back to life, covered in a colourful creeping array of pseudo underwater life forms tightly woven into the metal rib cage of this reborn shiny beast.

On another wall a completely interactive sculptural painting evolves in a wave of changing colour as visitors to the exhibition reflect and play with the various tiny circles that make up the piece.

 There is so much more to see, including a section of the exhibition inviting visitors to make their own mini postcard spin paintings.
“Flying by the seat of your pants” by Kat Button is on till the end of July at the new Cross Street Gallery, Standish.

Come and see, play, feel & interact.

Find more about Kat's work;

& follow her on Twitter;

Friday, 4 May 2012

art on a card; 2012

art on a card; (cultural olympiad) exhibition; 2012.

collect a couple of postcards from the box.
do art on them.
drop them back in the box.

i took a couple; picked two colours of the olympic rings (yellow & red)
drew the rings/loops (very roughly!) in water based acrylics & added oil
based cellulose paint.

Friday, 30 March 2012


I am now based & work at 'Office Kollective Contemporary Arts' (OK Studios)

I gladly welcome visitors to my studio, to view work, chat, have a coffee (you're super welcome if you bring biscuits :) there is plenty to see in all the studio's at OK, check out the website for details of all the fantastic artists & pay a visit.

I will try to keep this blog site up to date with my work in progress and all events related to the studio's.